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Mouzouna (pronounced moo-zoo-nah) is a type of Handira (shawl), most commonly referred to as a wedding blanket, that is
made in the Middle Atlas using cotton and wool. The Mouzouna is traditionally draped over the shoulders. The Mouzouna is not a rug, per se, as Berber women used them either as a shawl or to carry their babies.
The Mouzouna is double-sided, adorned in sequins on its main side with the odd splash of colour, or decorated in simple horizontal bands on the other. Mouzounas are a chic addition to your bedroom as they can be used as a throw, a wall hanging, or can even be laid out on your bedroom floor. Add a touch of authenticity to your bedroom by opting for one of our Mouzounas.

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DIMENSIONS: tall 59 inhes*42 inches (150 m/109 m)

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