Frequently Asked Questions

Does this come stuffed? 

- No, this is just a cover.

How can i stuff this pouf?

- you can purchase the stuffing off of Amazon - or from your local craft/dept store (polyfil or beanbag beans). You will need approximately 7pounds per pouf. Ofcourse this depends how full you would like it. Note - If you are using polyfil, this will condense with use and time and will need to be topped up. If you don't want to purchase any additional materials, you can always use old clothes, towels, blankets, sheets etc. like we do here in Morocco!

What leather are the poufs made from? 

Mostly goat leather,  but, each style is different and some may be made from cow or sheep leather. Goat leather is known to be very strong and durable but not as heavy as cow leather, which is why it is preferred for a lot of styles of poufs. 

My pouf smells, how can i get rid of this?

A pouf will 'smell' when it has been made recently. We try to air them out prior to sending them, but this isn't always possible. If your pouf smells, please leave it in a well ventilated area for 1-2 weeks (the longer the better). 

How long does it take to ship? 

We ship using international express either with FedEx, or DHL. For North America and Europe it takes between 3-4 working days. For China, Australia and New Zealand it takes around 5 working days.